2015 Quant II

Quant II Recitation Website - Spring 2015

View the Project on GitHub ddimmery/2015-Quant-II

This is the Course Website for the recitation for Quant II.

The primary course website is on NYU's Classes. Additional materials may be found on Cyrus Samii's website.

The TA is Drew Dimmery (which is why this is on his github). Recitation meets at 1 or 1:30 pm on Fridays for one hour. His office hours are after recitation until 5pm, in office 317 at 19 W. 4th St.

Retrieve the raw course materials from the github repository (I suggest you take the time to learn how to fork a repository). The presentations will be published below.

(Miscellaneous notes relating to statistics) - This should help you with some of the proofs in the homework.


  1. 2015-01-31 - Introduction to R - (handout)
  2. 2015-02-06 - Weighting and Matching - (handout)
  3. 2015-02-13 - Regression and Effective Sample - (handout)
  4. 2015-02-20 - Instrumental Variables - (handout)
  5. 2015-02-27 - Bias - (handout)
  6. 2015-04-03 - Time Series (via Pablo Barberá)